Our Story

A group of passionate professionals recognized the need for greater support and services focused on immigrant and minority communities in Canada, and Topmarké Global Network was born. As lawyers, business consultants, community advocates, and mentors, we each brought years of firsthand experience working with newcomers to Canada. Time and again, we witnessed the challenges they faced as they sought to navigate a new culture and unfamiliar systems. We saw the struggles to integrate fully, the barriers to accessing resources, and the entrepreneurial dreams that went unrealized due to lack of guidance.

Motivated by these experiences, we came together driven by a shared vision. We aimed to expand the support available to immigrant and minority communities on a much broader scale. Our goal was to create a dedicated platform that would provide the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to empower these groups and facilitate their success.

With our combined passion, expertise, and insight, we established Topmarké Global Network as a not-for-profit organization. This allowed us the opportunity to deliver services and assistance to those most in need. As such, we could reach and uplift communities often left behind.

Having witnessed firsthand the challenges immigrants and minorities face, we were determined to make a positive impact. Our shared experiences drove us to found an organization focused on meaningful advocacy through service. And so began Topmarké’s inspiring mission of empowerment, one that continues to motivate our work today.

Our Founders

Johnson Babalola
Akinwumi Reju
Kemi Oduwole

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive immigration information, settlement services, and pro bono business advisory support to empower and uplift minority communities, fostering their successful integration, entrepreneurship, and social inclusion in Canada.

Our Vision

A society where minority communities have equitable access to immigration information, settlement services, and entrepreneurial opportunities, enabling them to thrive, celebrate their diverse cultures, and contribute to a harmonious and inclusive Canadian society.

Our Services

Immigration Information

Get access to the latest policies, laws, and regulations to navigate the complex immigration system.

Settlement Services

Receive housing, healthcare, education, and cultural integration support when you arrive in Canada.

Business Advisory

Get expert guidance, training, and tools to establish and grow your business in Canada.

Outreach Programs

Attend our seminars, workshops, and networking events catered to immigrants and minority entrepreneurs.

Anti Racism Programs

Get access to information and programs that raise awareness about racism and bias to assist you build confidence and navigate the Canadian system. 

Our Approach

Topmarké Global Network takes a comprehensive, inclusive, and culturally-sensitive approach to serving immigrant and minority communities. We provide customized services and resources that are:

Frequently Asked

What services does Topmarké Global Network provide?

Topmarké Global Network provides services including immigration information and consultation, settlement services for newcomers, business advisory and training, as well as outreach programs like seminars and networking events.

How can you help with my immigration process?

We provide the latest information on Canadian immigration policies, laws, and regulations. Our experts can offer guidance for visa applications, work permits, permanent residency, and more. We also assist with paperwork and documentation.

I'm a new immigrant, what settlement help can you offer?

We provide assistance with finding housing, accessing healthcare, navigating the education system, cultural integration, and connecting with the local community. Our goal is to help you successfully transition.

What business services do you offer?

We provide training, mentorship, and tools for immigrants and minority entrepreneurs to establish and operate businesses in Canada. This includes help with licensing, planning, marketing, financing, and more.

Does Topmarké Global Network charge for services?

Many of our services are offered free of charge or on a pro bono basis, as we are a non-profit focused on empowering minority communities. However, nominal fees may apply for certain specialized services.

How can I get involved with Topmarké as a volunteer?

We welcome volunteers to help with community outreach, special events, mentorship programs, and more. Contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities.