Johnson Babalola

Johnson Babalola, a lawyer, and a founding director of Topmarké Global Network Inc; is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Refugee law. He brings over 33 years of legal, business, and corporate training expertise to the forefront. His extensive legal practice spans diverse areas, encompassing all facets of Canadian immigration law, management training, and workplace investigations. Notably, Johnson specializes in Canadian Refugee and Immigration matters, serving as a seasoned consultant in the realm of workplace issues.

Exemplifying a dynamic fusion of strategic prowess, industry acumen, and leadership excellence, Johnson occupies a pivotal role in propelling the company’s mission. His demonstrated aptitude in establishing vital business connections, fostering strategic partnerships, capitalizing on nascent opportunities, and adeptly navigating intricate regulatory frameworks underscores his invaluable contribution. Possessing an innate ability to anticipate market trends, Johnson identifies prospective sectors for growth and expansion, ensuring clients receive bespoke solutions and unparalleled service.

Earning the utmost respect from clients, peers, and associates alike, Johnson’s esteemed journey includes roles as a sole practitioner and partner within a previous law firm, culminating in the founding of Topmarké Attorneys LLP in 2016. Johnson’s mentorship of emerging legal talents, both local and international, is a testament to his commitment to fostering the next generation of legal luminaries. His fervent advocacy for diversity rights and inclusion is manifest in his involvement with Women Focus Canada, a non-profit organization championing women’s holistic well-being, and his service on the Board of the Canadian Association of Nigerian Lawyers.

Balancing his professional pursuits, Johnson indulges in diverse creative outlets, narrating stories, anchoring corporate events, engaging in social commentary, and hosting the insightful podcast “JB & Things.” Johnson’s academic journey is underscored by his academic pursuits, including degrees and certificates in law, mining law, workplace investigations, dispute resolution, immigration law, and counseling from prestigious institutions across Nigeria, Canada, and the UK.

Beyond his pivotal role as a lawyer, Johnson’s focus is on assisting new immigrants to settle into Canada and his influence extends to diverse endeavors. He holds directorial positions at Workplace Consulting Limited, dedicated to cultivating harmonious work environments, Chatimmi, an app fostering networking among prospective Canadian immigrants, and the Ontario Centre of Public and Strategy, dedicated to honing leadership strategies. As a respected member of the Ontario (Canada) and Nigerian Bars, Johnson’s professional affiliations underscore his commitment to continuous growth and contribution within the legal domain and beyond.

Other Founders

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