Akinwumi Reju

Akinwumi Reju is a distinguished international business law and trade law expert. A founding director of Topmarké Global Network Inc; Akin is also a partner at Topmarké Attorneys. With a remarkable career spanning over 34 years, Akin is a seasoned legal authority in matters of international business transactions and trade law, offering exceptional counsel across various domains such as corporate, commercial, investments, franchise law, real estate, business immigration, and technology law.

Having held pivotal positions in financial service companies, including the Corporate Trust Group and the Industrial & General Insurance Plc (IGI) Group, Akin boasts a wealth of experience in international business law and technology, collaborating with diverse teams in business development. His expertise encompasses corporate governance, audit, risk management, project management, business analysis, corporate compliance, and training.

Akin’s international acumen is illustrious, having led the legal negotiating team for the privatization of Government-owned insurance companies in Uganda and Rwanda under the World Bank’s auspices. He played an instrumental role in listing a corporation on the Uganda Stock Exchange and facilitated the establishment of the Global Trust Bank of Uganda as its Legal Adviser. Akin also participated in privatization and change management strategies in Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. Further, Akin has coordinated negotiations for joint ventures between prominent US and Canadian oil and gas EPC firms and Nigerian counterparts.

Educationally accomplished, Akin holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Benin and is a chartered secretary. His credentials encompass diverse certifications in Mutual Funds, Mining Law, Compliance, Privacy and Data Protection, and IP Rights. Akin is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries in the UK and was accredited as a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries (ICS) Canada on merit in 2010. He is also a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja branch, the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), and the Toronto Lawyers Association.

Beyond his legal prowess, Akin is ardently devoted to empowering the community. A sought-after speaker at international business conferences, he is a co-founder of the Topmarké Global Network, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting and training minority entrepreneurs about legal management and regulatory compliance for their businesses. Passionate about fostering growth, Akin serves as a mentor to start-ups and small businesses, offering invaluable guidance through the Toronto Acceleration Program (TAP) to expand their services globally.

Akin’s diverse interests and skills encompass organizing business meetings, effective communication and reporting, in-depth knowledge of business and corporate practices, and proficiency in registering and incorporating companies. His relentless pursuit of learning involves research in business management, intellectual property, and a passion for sharing ideas and insights on corporate management. A dedicated adviser and mentor, Akin’s guidance nurtures the growth of start-ups and entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

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