Kemi Oduwole

Oluwakemi Oduwole, affectionately known as Kemi, stands as a distinguished luminary, a revered legal professional, and an astute mentor. With a dynamic portfolio as a Business Compliance and Partnership Development Specialist, Kemi serves as a co-founder of Topmarké Global Network Inc. Her multifaceted role entails deftly navigating complex regulatory landscapes, fostering strategic collaborations, and ensuring […]

Akinwumi Reju

Akinwumi Reju is a distinguished international business law and trade law expert. A founding director of Topmarké Global Network Inc; Akin is also a partner at Topmarké Attorneys. With a remarkable career spanning over 34 years, Akin is a seasoned legal authority in matters of international business transactions and trade law, offering exceptional counsel across […]

Johnson Babalola

Johnson Babalola, a lawyer, and a founding director of Topmarké Global Network Inc; is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Refugee law. He brings over 33 years of legal, business, and corporate training expertise to the forefront. His extensive legal practice spans diverse areas, encompassing all facets of Canadian immigration law, management training, and workplace […]